Your Take on it

Here we go! The Scottish and Welsh Parliamentary elections! Have you thought about how you will approach voting in this election?

Perhaps you’ll vote down constitutional lines? Both Scotland and Wales have political parties who are: (i) seeking independence from the United Kingdom, or (ii) who are staunch advocates of devolution, or in some cases, (iii) wish to undo devolution altogether. Will you go to the ballot box with constitutional matters as the primary marker? It seems to dominate a lot of political chatter these days…

Another approach is the party orientated approach. For some, because you are a member of a political party, it’ll be a slam dunk. For others, you have a preferred political party and it’ll be easy to vote. But for a number of you, voting for a party is not so straight forward. You might be disappointed in a party you voted for the last time or perhaps you’re simply unsure. Why not use our party manifesto guide in such a case? Find out what the parties are pledging to do, hear our analysis of it, and allow that to help you make a decision.

Or maybe it’s not personal enough for you. Who actually are the people behind the big and small party banners? You want to know what someone thinks before you vote for them. In such a case, why not use our candidate lists to find out who is standing in your constituency and region? Identify an email address or social media account for them and ask your questions. Who knows? their response (or lack thereof) might be the clincher for who you will or won’t vote for on the 6th May.

Vote well!

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