Manifesto Analysis

Scottish Family Party

Scottish Family Party


On abortion, the SFP: “affirm the value of human life in the womb. Abortion as a means of birth control is morally unjustifiable. Ultimately, we would like to see the law reflect this, but immediate steps could include offering independent counselling to those considering an abortion, reducing the current 24 week limit for abortions and preventing abortion on grounds of disability after 24 weeks.” 

Additional proposals in this area include:

  • “ensure that young people are presented with the facts about abortion and the possible emotional consequences when the subject is discussed in schools.”
  • “No organisation which provides abortions should be entitled to charitable status.”
  • “involve potential fathers in the decision-making process.”
  • “invest in support for women facing unwanted pregnancy, helping them to establish a strong network of support and encouraging alternatives such as fostering or adoption.”
  • “Abortion and abortifacients should not be available to under 16s without parents being informed beforehand.

On assisted dying, the SFP “oppose the introduction of assisted suicide and euthanasia” and “want everyone to feel valued and worthy of the highest degree of care throughout their life”.

The SFP oppose an opt-out system for organ donation.

On gender recognition, the SFP “propose that there should be no provision to change gender legally. The only exception to this should be for intersex people”.


The SFP make the following remarks about families and how they choose to bring up children:

  • “The state should not seek to supplant the fundamental role of the family in bringing up children and should refrain from interfering in family life. Instead, the state should be supporting families to enable them to provide for themselves, structure their family life according to their priorities, and bring up their children according to their values”.
  • Our culture should…celebrate parenthood as a high calling, instead of glorifying career and diminishing the value of home life…We reject the philosophy that regards it as desirable that men and women approach family life and career in identical ways. We believe that each family should make its own decisions in this area, and the state’s role is to facilitate these choices”.
  • “The Government is doubling the hours of nursery care provided for 3 and 4 year olds. We would offer cash in lieu of this additional provision for families deciding they do not want their young child to spend so long away from a parent. A family wanting their child to go to nursery in the morning but not the afternoon as well would be entitled to a substantial payment instead.”

On the privacy and autonomy of the family, the SFP manifesto states:

  • “The family is a private realm into which the state should only reluctantly intrude out of necessity. Unless there is clear evidence to the contrary, it should be assumed that parents care for their children with love and commitment, devoting themselves in a way that the state cannot begin to emulate.”
  • “The Named Person Scheme legislation has been abandoned, but the philosophy of seeking to inject state ‘wisdom’ into families lives on and the continuing non-statutory Named Person Scheme will still present a challenge to the integrity of family life.”
  • “We would seek to repeal the smacking ban legislation.”
  • “Teaching children that they can choose their gender is extremely harmful. Steering children and young people towards puberty-blocking drugs and sex reassignment surgery is grossly irresponsible…Parents should be free to overrule interventions by government agents when guiding their children on such matters.” 

On support for marriage, the SFP propose that: “The tax and benefits system should recognise marriage and ensure that it is never penalised…Instead of treating married couples as two individuals for tax purposes, we should move to a system that assesses them as a family. Tax allowances would, therefore, be fully transferable.” 

On online safety, the SFP state: “We support schemes to prevent children from accessing online pornography.”

The manifesto makes no mention of the SFP policy on gambling.


On commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking, the SFP believe: Buying sex should be criminalised…Some prostitutes enter into this work through their own uncoerced choice and freely choose to continue in it, however many others are forced into it through human trafficking, debt and drug addiction. This is a great social evil that requires to be addressed by legislation. It is illogical to make it illegal to buy something that is legal to sell, so selling sex should also be criminalised.”

On Free speech, the SFP argue that No one has the right not to be offended. We oppose all hate speech legislation…People should be free to criticise and ridicule any belief system without fear of state intervention.”

On drugs policy, the SFP would not support any liberalisation of drugs laws, but instead ensure vigorous policing and sentencing that deters effectively.”

The full manifesto can be accessed here: